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What Is The Cost To Repair An Iphone Screen
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Cost to Repair an iPhone Screen: Everything You Need to Know

Accidentally damaging an iPhone screen happens a lot. In fact, about one in three iPhone users will see a cracked or broken screen. This could be at any time while they are using their device. Repairing this damage can cost a lot of money.

This article will help you learn about the average cost of fixing an iPhone screen. We’ll give you tips on how to find affordable repair options. Whether you’re looking at Apple’s repairs or third-party options, we’ll explain what drives up the cost. Let’s start helping you find the best way to fix your iPhone’s screen.

what is the cost to repair an iphone screen

Understanding iPhone Screen Damage and Repair Options

We need to know the kinds of screen damage iPhones face before talking about costs. Damage can vary from small cracks to complete shatters. Each type might need a unique way to fix it.

Types of Screen Damage

Here are some common iPhone screen issues:

  • Cracked Screen: Often from dropping or too much pressure.
  • Shattered Display: When the screen breaks badly, making it hard to see or use the phone.
  • Touchscreen Issues: The screen might not respond well to touch, or be too sensitive.
  • Dead Pixels: Pixels that don’t work right, showing up as dark spots or the wrong color.
  • Water Damage: Water can cause the screen to show odd colors, and lines, or stop working.

Knowing about these problems helps me figure out how to fix them.

Choosing Between Apple Authorized Service and Independent Repair Shops

You can fix your iPhone screen through Apple or go to independent shops.

Apple Authorized Service: Apple’s service uses official parts and skilled workers. It’s known for high quality but might cost more.

Independent Repair Shops: These are other places outside Apple. They might be cheaper. But, you must find a good one for quality work and real parts.

When picking where to fix your phone, think about the cost, shop reputation, how fast they work, and the warranty. A good repair shop will make sure you’re happy with your phone’s repair.

What is the Cost to Repair an iPhone Screen?

If your iPhone screen breaks, knowing repair costs is essential. You can get it fixed through Apple’s official repair service. Prices vary based on your iPhone’s model and the type of damage.

Here are the typical prices for screen repairs at Apple without warranty-

  • iPhone 6 series: $129-$149
  • iPhone 7 and 8 series: $149-$169
  • iPhone X and XS series: $279-$329
  • iPhone 11 series: $199-$329
  • iPhone 12 series: $229-$329
  • iPhone 13 series: $229-$329
  • iPhone 14 series: $279-$379
  • iPhone 15 series: $279-$379

Apple’s Official Repair Costs

Apple clearly shows how much it costs to fix iPhone screens. Repair prices change with the iPhone model and damage scope. For instance, fixing an iPhone 12 Pro Max might cost more than an iPhone SE because they differ in screen size and features.

Using AppleCare+, the repair cost is significantly reduced to $29 per incident. Third-party repair services generally charge between $80 and $200, depending on the model and repair complexity​ Having AppleCare+ might lower your screen repair costs or even make it free. This plan gives extra warranty and protection from accidents. It’s a good deal if you want to protect your iPhone against high repair prices. Remember, AppleCare+ details and costs can change depending on your iPhone model and plan.

Cost Comparison with Unauthorized Service Providers

Choosing between Apple and independent repair shops for fixing iPhone screens is also an option. Independent shops usually charge less than Apple’s official service. However, picking an independent shop might cancel your warranty or AppleCare+.

Deciding to go independent comes with risks. They might use non-Apple parts or not have Apple’s expert technicians. This could lower the repair’s quality and durability.

Factors Influencing iPhone Screen Repair Costs

Several things can change the cost when fixing an iPhone screen. Knowing these can help you choose wisely. You might find a good deal for what you need.

Model of iPhone

Your iPhone’s model is a big part of what you’ll pay for repairs. New models might cost more to fix. For instance, fixing the iPhone 15 Pro Max might be more than the iPhone 13.

Availability of Parts

Finding the right parts quickly can save you money. If parts are easy to find, repair prices could be lower. But, if parts are hard to get, it will cost more to fix your phone.

Repair Location and Service Type

Where you get your iPhone fixed and how it’s done can also change the price. Apple stores might be pricier than local repair shops. The method of repair, like going in person or sending it, matters too.

Thinking about these points is key when your iPhone screen breaks. Keep in mind your iPhone’s model, part availability, and where you want it fixed. Take time to compare. Then, you can choose the best fit for your iPhone and wallet.

Pros and Cons of Apple vs Third-Party Screen Repairs

You can fix your iPhone screen via Apple or a third party. Each choice has its good points and bad points. So, think it over to pick the best one for you.

Apple Screen Repair Pros

  • Use of Genuine Apple Parts: By going with Apple, you ensure you’re getting the real deal. They fix your screen using genuine Apple parts. This helps keep your device working well.
  • Skilled Technicians: Apple’s team is full of experts. They know everything about fixing iPhone screens. So, your device is in good hands.
  • Warranty Coverage: With Apple’s repair, your warranty stays safe. They got you covered if anything goes wrong with your screen in the future.

Apple Screen Repair Cons

  • Higher Cost: This choice is usually more expensive. You need to think hard if the brand name and trust are worth more to you.
  • Longer Turnaround Time: Apple’s repairs may take longer. Scheduling a repair at the store could mean waiting a bit for your screen to be fixed.

Third-Party Screen Repairs Pros

  • Potentially Lower Cost: Choosing a third-party might save you money. They often charge less than Apple for the same repair.
  • Faster Turnaround Time: Third-party repairs generally get done faster. If you want your screen back quickly, this is good news.

Third-Party Screen Repairs Cons

  • Quality and Compatibility Concerns: Not all third parties use official parts. This might mean issues with your screen down the line.
  • Voiding Warranty: Going third-party could nix your warranty. This might limit your options if you need future repairs or a new phone.

Making a choice means weighing these points. Think about what’s important for your phone and your wallet. Now you have the info to decide the best way to fix your iPhone screen.

Apple and Third-Party Screen Repairs

Exploring Third-Party iPhone Screen Repair Providers

Fixing your iPhone screen doesn’t have to be through Apple alone. Third-party repair shops are a good choice too. They are often cheaper and more convenient. Let’s look at what these alternative providers have to offer.

Comparative Analysis of Major Providers

There are many third-party iPhone repair shops with unique services. We will compare the main ones to help you choose. Pricing, customer feedback, and repair speed are all factors we’ll examine. This will paint a clear picture of each provider’s pros and cons.

iFixit is famous for its detailed repair guides and quality parts. They have various repair options and happy customers. Meanwhile, UBreakiFix is a key player, offering reliable fixes and wide coverage.

Don’t forget about PhoneMedic for its good prices and quick fixes. They have skilled technicians. If you love home service, CellSavers will send someone to fix your iPhone where you are.

Understanding Warranties and Quality of Service

Checking the warranty of third-party stores is important. They may offer different warranties than Apple. Understanding their terms helps ensure you’re covered after the repair.

Also, the repair quality matters a lot. Look at reviews to see if other customers were satisfied. This step can help you choose a provider known for top-notch service.

DIY iPhone Screen Repairs: Worth the Risk?

Some people think fixing their iPhone screen at home saves money. But, it’s important to know the dangers first. Fixing your iPhone screen on your own might sound good for your wallet. But, think about what could go wrong.

Trying a DIY iPhone screen repair could lead to more damage. You might not know the right way to fix it. This could break other parts of your phone or make its screen even worse. You might end up paying more to fix it than you would have with a professional. Also, the warranty might get voided, which means Apple might not fix it for free.

risks of DIY repairs

Finding real replacement parts can also be a challenge. Apple uses special parts that fit and work well. With a DIY, you might use cheap or fake parts. This choice can make your iPhone less durable or less efficient.

DIY iPhone repairs need certain skills and tools. It’s not easy to do without them. You could waste time trying and still not fix it right. This can be very frustrating.

Consider what happens if you still have a warranty or insurance. Fixing your iPhone at home might cancel these protections. Then, future repairs might cost you a lot.

Deciding to repair your iPhone by yourself depends on your skills and the risks you’re willing to take. If you’re not sure, getting it fixed by a pro is better. They know what they are doing and use the right parts. Plus, they can help you avoid these worries.

How to Choose the Best iPhone Screen Repair Option for You

When your iPhone screen breaks, picking the right way to fix it is crucial. You should first check how bad the damage is. Then, you should look at the costs and what you’ll get for them. This guide will show you what to do:

Assessing the Severity of Screen Damage

Start by figuring out how bad the damage is. Look for visible cracks or if your screen looks like it’s in pieces. Find out if the screen’s touch still works properly.

  • Cracks: Are there visible cracks on the screen?
  • Shattered Display: Is the screen shattered into multiple pieces?
  • Touch Functionality: Is the touch functionality impaired? Does it respond accurately to touch inputs?
  • Display Quality: Is the display distorted or showing abnormal colors?

By checking these things, you’ll know if it’s a repair or if you need a new screen.

Evaluating Costs vs Services Provided

After seeing how bad the damage is, it’s time to think about cost and service. Here’s what to look at:

  1. Apple Authorized Service: For the best quality and assurance, go with Apple’s official repair service. You’ll pay more but get real Apple parts and professionals.
  2. Third-Party Repair Shops: Other places can fix your screen too. Look at what they charge, what people say about them, and how quickly they work. Pick one that’s trusted and fits your budget.
  3. DIY Repairs: If you’re good with tech and have the tools, you might fix it yourself. But remember, this option has its risks.

After comparing costs and what you’ll get, you can decide on the best way to fix your screen.

Getting your iPhone screen fixed can vary in cost. Make sure to look at different options and think about how bad the damage really is. Also, think about what you’ll get for the prices.

Choosing between Apple’s official service and other repair shops is a big deal. Apple’s service costs more because they use real Apple parts and skilled people. Yet, other shops can be cheaper and still do a good job.

Think about the damage, iPhone model, part availability, and where you want it fixed. This will help you choose what’s best for you. It’s crucial to compare the good and bad of each before you decide. Make sure your choice fits your wallet, what you prefer, and what your iPhone needs.


What are the different types of screen damage that can occur with iPhones?

iPhones can get different types of screen damage. This includes cracked screens, shattered displays, and issues with touch sensors.

Should I choose Apple’s official repair services or opt for third-party repair providers?

The choice between Apple’s repair services and third parties depends on what’s important to you. Apple offers genuine parts and skilled staff. But third parties might be more affordable.

How much does it cost to repair an iPhone screen through Apple’s official repair services?

The cost of fixing an iPhone screen with Apple can vary. It can cost between $129 to $329, based on the iPhone model and damage.

Are there any additional costs to consider when repairing an iPhone screen?

There might be extra costs like AppleCare+ or out-of-warranty fees, and taxes. These vary by where you are and your repair’s details.

Can I save money by choosing an unauthorized service provider for iPhone screen repairs?

Choosing an unauthorized provider might be cheaper. But, think about their skill, parts quality, and the warranty they offer. A well-reviewed provider can give you a good repair experience.

What factors influence the cost of repairing an iPhone screen?

The iPhone model, part availability, and the repair service type all affect the cost.

Are there any reputable third-party providers for iPhone screen repairs?

Yes, trustworthy third parties include iFixit, uBreakiFix, and CPR Cell Phone Repair. Look at their prices, reviews, and how fast they work.

What are the risks of attempting a DIY iPhone screen repair?

DIY repairs can make the damage worse, void the warranty, or cause harm. Think about these risks before you start.

How can I assess the severity of screen damage on my iPhone?

To check the screen damage, see how big the cracks are and look for sensor issues or odd colors on the screen.

How do I choose the best iPhone screen repair option for me?

Consider the damage, cost, and the repair provider’s reputation and available parts to decide what’s best for your situation.

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