Send Group Texts Privately on iPhone: Hide Recipients

Did you know the iPhone has a limit on how many contacts you can include in a group text? It’s set at 25, which can be a problem when you need to talk with a larger group carefully. Luckily, there’s a way to work around this.

To send a group text without showing everyone included, you can turn off iMessage and Group Messaging in your iPhone’s Settings. Then, you use SMS to message multiple people without forming a group. This way, only you see the replies, and everyone’s numbers stay private. It also lets you send photos and videos using MMS.

Understanding BCC Text Messaging

A BCC text message is a way to send a single SMS to multiple people. Only the sender knows who got the message. This way, people can’t reply to all and share everyone’s phone number with the group. It’s similar to a regular group text but with more privacy. In a BCC text, everyone can’t see who else got the message or share their numbers. The sender talks to people individually, not all at once.

What Is a BCC Text?

BCC means “Blind Carbon Copy,” a concept from traditional mail. It kept some recipients hidden from others. With texting, a BCC text lets you message many people without showing their phone numbers to all. This protects people’s privacy and stops group-wide replies.

The Benefits of BCC Texting

BCC texting is super useful for keeping contact info private when sending messages to many. It’s great for businesses or groups reaching out to a lot of people. For them, it avoids the mess of regular group messages. In those, replies pile up, and everyone can join, which can get too busy.

BCC texting also does very well in getting opened (98%) and getting responses (45%). It’s a handy tool for businesses. They can use it for many things like telling about new products, reminding people about events, asking for opinions in surveys, or sharing offers that end soon. And all this happens without sharing personal info to everyone.

How to Send a BCC Text on iPhone

Sending texts to a group on your iPhone might seem hard, especially for keeping things private. But, there’s an easy way. You can use BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) to send a text to many people without showing anyone else’s contact info.

Disabling iMessage and Group Messaging

First, you have to stop iMessage and Group Messaging. Just go to your iPhone’s Settings, then Messages, and turn both off. This way, you can send a group message known as SMS, and keep everyone’s info hidden.

Composing and Sending the BCC Text

Now, you’re set to write your BCC text. Open the Messages app and tap “New Message.” In the “To” box, put the phone numbers or emails of the people you’re messaging, separated by commas.

Make sure your message is simple and straightforward, since everyone will reply only to you. When you’re ready, hit “Send.” Your BCC text will go out, keeping everyone’s privacy and the message confidential.

The BCC feature lets you send group messages on your iPhone without showing everyone’s info. It’s great for sharing important messages or organizing private events with many people at once.

iphone group text without showing contacts

Sending BCC Texts Using a Messaging App

You can use a BCC texting app like SimpleTexting to avoid the iPhone’s messaging app. It lets you send group blind texts. These apps give you more control over your group messages.

Preparing Your Contact List

To send BCC texts, you first upload your contacts to the app. This step makes sure your contacts’ phone numbers are safe and ready for your campaigns.

Creating and Sending the BCC Campaign

Now, you’re ready to make and send your BCC campaign. In a BCC text, each recipient can’t see who else got the message or their replies. This keeps everyone’s identity private.

Apps like Reach and Hit Em Up let you do more with your BCC texts. You can add personal touches to your messages, set up messages to send later and see how your campaigns do.

Using a BCC texting app is better than the built-in ones on iPhones and Androids7. It makes sending group messages easier and protects your contacts’ privacy and control.

group blind text app

With a BCC texting app, you ensure your group messages keep their privacy.

How to send a group text without showing all recipients iphone

If you want to send a group text on your iPhone without letting everyone see who else is there, follow these steps. Start by not using iMessage or Group Messaging features. Instead, stick to regular SMS/MMS messaging.

By not using iMessage and Group Messaging, you send and receive texts individually. This way, nobody in the group sees everyone else’s contact info. It’s a smart move for keeping things private when messaging groups from your iPhone.

  • Disabling iMessage and Group Messaging will stop group conversations where everyone sees each other’s replies.
  • Your messages will go out as solo SMS/MMS texts. This keeps every recipient’s details private.
  • With services like, you can text a lot of customers at once without showing their info.

How you send hidden group texts can depend on your carrier, iPhone type, and iOS version. But turning off iMessage and Group Messaging is a general method that should work. It helps you keep group texts private on your iPhone.

Follow this guide to send group texts with privacy. This way is handy for sending messages to many people while hiding their info.

Personalizing Your BCC Text Messages

Sending personalized BCC text messages can make your communication more powerful and interesting. Add the recipient’s first name to make it feel like they matter. This is way better than sending a bland, impersonal text to everyone. By using their name, you build a closer connection and make your messages feel personal.

To make your BCC messages personal, use custom fields in your messaging tools. Platforms like Messente let you add the recipient’s name or other details to your text. This makes your messages seem more authentic and directly relevant to each person.

Personalized BCC messages work well for many things, like announcing new products or reminding people of events. They’re also great for getting quick feedback, running voting campaigns, and sharing limited-time deals. Personalization can boost your message’s open and response rates, leading to better outcomes.

When making your personalized BCC messages, privacy is key. Unlike group texts, BCC keeps everyone’s info private. This is best for businesses and groups that need to send a lot of texts and still value their contact’s privacy.

To do personal BCC messages right, use a pro texting service. These tools offer a lot, like special fields for adding details, scheduling texts, automatic replies, and tracking results. They make managing BCC campaigns simple and effective.

Adding personal touches to your BCC texts enhances their impact. It connects you better with those you message, whether they are customers, team members, or partners. This approach helps in building stronger ties and achieving better outcomes for your group or business.

Legal Requirements for BCC Texting

Sending BCC text messages for business has specific legal needs. You must get written consent from your contacts before texting them in a BCC campaign. It’s also key to know the SMS compliance rules to prevent legal problems or fines.

Express Written Consent

The TCPA demands written okay from people before sending business texts, including BCC messages. Your contacts need to clearly agree to get texts from your business. Without this agreement, you could face fines and legal trouble.

SMS Compliance Guidelines

There are more rules to follow besides getting consent for BCC texts. You should include your business’s name, let people know how to opt out, and follow Do-Not-Call rules. Phone companies may also have their own rules to stop spam texts, like checking certain phone numbers. Keeping up with SMS guidelines is important to keep your business and contacts safe.

Knowing and following the regulations for BCC texting is essential. It means your large text campaigns are safe and can earn the trust of your clients. Working with a good text service provider is a smart move. They can guide you through these rules and make sure your BCC texting is legal.

Use Cases for BCC Text Messaging

BCC text messaging is a powerful tool for groups of any size. It lets you send messages to many people while keeping each recipient’s identity private. This can really help in improving how you communicate.

One way many use BCC texting is for customer updates. You can let them know about office closings, upcoming appointments, or new products/services. And because of the privacy it offers, you get to keep all their contact details safe.

It’s also great for getting feedback without making people feel like they’re in a public chat. You can receive honest opinions without everyone seeing each other’s responses. This makes the feedback more real and useful.

Using BCC for in-house messages can keep your team focused. It’s perfect for sending quick updates without creating too much messaging noise. This way, employees get important news without distractions.

For marketing, BCC texting is a game-changer. You can offer special deals, launch new products, or invite customers to events, all privately. And by personalizing these messages, you make people more likely to pay attention.

It doesn’t matter if you’re aiming to enhance customer relations, gather feedback, or make internal messaging smoother. BCC text messaging is your solution.

To send group texts privately on an iPhone, you can disable iMessage and Group Messaging. Then, use SMS/MMS messaging. You make sure recipients can’t see each other’s phone numbers or responses. Another way is to use a BCC texting app like SimpleTexting. This offers more control and flexibility for your group messaging.

No matter how you do it, make sure it’s legal and follows best practices. This means getting written consent from everyone. It also includes sticking to SMS rules. With these steps, you can send private group texts safely. You ensure your message goes to the right people without risking privacy or security.

If you prefer, you can turn off Group Messaging or use a BCC texting app. Either way, you can keep your message recipients hidden. This lets you communicate more smartly and privately. Trying these options helps you make the most of group messaging. It helps meet your or your business’s needs better.


How can I hide recipients in a group text on my iPhone?

To hide recipients in a group text on your iPhone, turn off iMessage and Group Messaging. Do this in Settings > Messages. Now, you can send SMS texts. This way, replies go only to you, as SMS can’t do group messages.

What is a BCC text message?

A BCC text message is a group SMS where only you know who got the message. Others can’t see everyone’s number or replies. It’s good for keeping conversations tidy and protecting privacy.

How do I send a BCC text on an iPhone?

Sending a BCC text on an iPhone is easy. First, turn off iMessage and Group Messaging in Settings > Messages. Then, compose your BCC message and send it. Just you will get the replies.

Can I use a dedicated app to send BCC texts on my iPhone?

You can use SimpleTexting or a similar app for BCC texts on your iPhone. First, upload your contact list. Then, send your BCC message. No one will be able to see other’s numbers or replies. This keeps your texting private.

How do I personalize my BCC text messages?

You can make BCC texts personal by adding fields like first names. This makes the messages feel unique, not like a basic group text. With the recipient’s name, you can engage better in your texts.

What are the legal requirements for sending BCC text messages?

For BCC texts, know the laws, especially for business use. You need written permission to send BCC messages. Also, follow SMS rules, like adding opt-out info in your messages.


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