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how to recover disappeared emails on iphone
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How to Recover Disappeared Emails on iPhone?

Did you know that iCloud only keeps deleted emails for up to 30 days, no matter what? So if you’ve lost important emails on your iPhone, this guide is for you. We’ll show you how to get those lost emails back on your iPhone 11 or any other model.

Have you deleted emails accidentally or seen them just vanish suddenly from your Gmail or other accounts? We’re here to help. This article looks at why emails might disappear from your iPhone. It gives you clear steps to get those missing emails back.

You can fix this issue by restarting your iPhone or by changing your email settings. Updating your phone or using special software can also help. We’ll guide you through each method to make sure you can access your important emails again. Let’s begin and uncover the secret of how to recover disappeared emails on iPhone.

Why Emails Disappear from iPhone

Emails can vanish from your iPhone for several reasons. An outdated iOS version, system errors, and email account issues are common causes. So are wrongly set email syncing settings. This problem often pops up after an iPhone update. It can be really frustrating, especially if you lose important emails.

Outdated iOS Version

Outdated iOS versions are a big reason for missing emails on your iPhone. A new iOS may not work well with certain email apps or settings. This causes emails to go missing after an update.

System Error with the iPhone

If your iPhone encounters a system error, you might lose your emails too. Such errors can be from either software or hardware issues. They can stop your Mail app from working correctly.

Email Account Problem

Email account issues can also make emails vanish from your iPhone. They might come from issues like not being able to connect to your email server. This can prevent the Mail app from fetching your emails.

Misconfigured Email Syncing Settings

Having email syncing settings set up wrong on your iPhone is another cause. Make sure your Mail app is set to ‘No Limit’ for syncing. This can sometimes bring back your lost emails.

Quick Fixes to Recover Disappeared Emails

If emails suddenly vanish from your iPhone, a few simple tricks might help. First, reboot your iPhone. This can clear up any minor system issues that may cause emails to disappear. For another fix, delete and then add back your email account. Doing this could refresh account settings and bring back missing emails.

How to recover disappeared emails on iphone

If you’re missing emails on your iPhone, there are steps you can take to retrieve them. First, ensure the Mail app is set to sync emails with no limit. This makes sure all past emails are pulled back to your iPhone. Also, updating your iPhone’s iOS can fix any software problems that might have caused the emails to vanish.

Set Mail to Sync No Limit

Tweak the Mail app settings to pull in all your emails again, including any you’ve deleted. This method guarantees you get all your emails back in your inbox.

Update iOS to the Latest Version

Make sure your iPhone’s iOS is the newest version available. Updates can solve many issues, like emails disappearing. They fix system bugs, helping you recover your vanished emails by updating to the latest iOS software.

iphone email recovery

Restore Disappeared Emails with Data Recovery Software

If trying other fixes hasn’t worked, you might consider data recovery software. An example is EaseUS MobiSaver. It’s top-notch for iPhone and iPad recovery. It can retrieve lost or deleted emails and many other types of data.

Download and Install EaseUS MobiSaver

First, download and install EaseUS MobiSaver on your computer. This tool is perfect for iPhones and Apple devices. It helps start the recovery process.

Scan iPhone for Lost Data

After installation, connect your iPhone. Then, start a scan. EaseUS MobiSaver will look for vanished emails thoroughly.

This tool is great at finding lost or deleted emails.

Preview and Recover Disappeared Emails

When the scan finishes, preview the emails to recover. Choose which ones to bring back. EaseUS MobiSaver is easy to use. It has a simple interface to select and get back your emails.

Import Recovered Emails to Email App

Lastly, put the recovered emails back on your iPhone. This way, you get access to all your important emails again.

In this guide, we shared how to get back lost emails on your iPhone. Emails can vanish for many reasons. This includes having an old iOS version, problems with your email account, and wrong sync settings. To fix this, follow the simple steps we gave. Restart your iPhone. Also, remove and then add your email account again. Check and change the sync settings. Using recovery software can also help. This way, you can find your missing emails and read important messages again. It’s crucial to keep your iPhone’s software updated. And set it up right to stop email troubles in the future.

Recovered Emails to Email App

Losing emails on your iPhone can be really annoying. But the solutions in this guide can be a big help. It doesn’t matter if the issue is a system bug, an old iOS, or a broken email account. The steps we mentioned can guide you to get those emails back. Plus, with the right software, you might get back emails you thought were gone forever. data recovery software is powerful for this task.

Don’t worry too much if emails go missing. You can deal with it using the advice in our guide. This helps you manage your emails better on your iPhone. And makes sure you never miss out on vital messages. Keep an eye on updates for your phone. And be ready to try different ways to find lost emails.


Why do emails disappear from my iPhone?

Emails might vanish from your iPhone for several reasons. These include having an old iOS version, system errors, email account problems, or wrong syncing settings.

How can I reboot my iPhone to fix the email disappearance issue?

Restarting your iPhone might fix temporary glitches. It’s a simple step to try and get back your missing emails.

What should I do if deleting and re-adding the email account doesn’t work?

If removing and reinstalling the email doesn’t help, set the Mail app to sync without limits. This ensures all emails are downloaded to your phone.

How can I use data recovery software to recover disappeared emails on my iPhone?

To recover lost emails, use a program like EaseUS MobiSaver. It will scan your phone, show recovered emails, and put them back in your email app.

Will updating my iPhone’s iOS to the latest version help recover disappeared emails?

Updating to the latest iOS can fix software issues. This may help with emails that have gone missing.

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