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How to Change Your Instagram Name – Quick & Easy Steps

Over 1 billion people use Instagram every month. This number shows the platform’s big potential. Instagram is perfect for showing off your creativity. You can share your Highlight Stories, post beautiful pictures, or even share your music in Stories.

Despite all this freedom, changing your name on Instagram isn’t easy. Unlike your profile picture or bio, it’s not straightforward. Your Instagram name is your online identity. It’s how people find you. So, you should think carefully before changing it.

This article will show you how to change your Instagram name and whether it’s a good move.

Understanding Instagram Name Basics

It’s key to know the difference between your username and display name on Instagram. Your username is your handle, appearing at the top of your profile and in posts. It helps others find and connect with your account. On the other hand, your display name shows next to your profile picture. You use it to express your identity on Instagram.

Differentiating Between Username and Display Name

Your Instagram username starts with the “@” symbol. It’s how people identify your account. This handle is vital for users to search for and interact with your posts. Your Instagram display name is how people see you on your profile. It adds a personal touch to your online identity.

Importance of a Unique Instagram Handle

Having a unique Instagram username is very important. It lets others easily find and remember you. Plus, it affects how you’re tagged in posts. Choosing the right username or changing it can help boost your brand’s visibility. It also keeps your online identity consistent across different platforms.

How to change your Instagram name?

Changing your Instagram display name is as easy as updating your username. Here’s how to do it:

1. Open Instagram.

2. Tap the person icon at the bottom right to go to your profile.

3. Click ‘Edit Profile’ next to your bio.

4. Tap the name box.

5. Remove your old name by clicking the X.

6. Type in your new name.

7. Hit ‘Done.’

Now, your new name shows up on your profile.

Editing Your Display Name on Instagram

Editing your display name on Instagram is easy. Just follow the steps mentioned above. This way, you can edit your Instagram profile name, update your Instagram display name, or modify your Instagram account name. This is perfect for revising your Instagram identity or changing your Instagram display name to better match your brand or style.

Embracing Creativity with Special Characters

Instagram is all about creativity, including in your handle and username. You can adjust Instagram name settings to add emojis and special characters or to revise your Instagram moniker. This makes your profile rename Instagram profile in a way that will make it unique. Highlight your style by using a change Instagram alias and showing your true self through your new Instagram moniker.

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Considerations Before Changing Your Instagram Name

Changing your Instagram name is easy, but keep in mind there are some rules. Think about a few things before you make that change. It depends on how often you share your account and if you want more followers. Experts mostly say you shouldn’t change it if you have a big following over time.

Impact on External Links and Visibility

First, any links to your Instagram you put outside the app might not work right away. When you change, it takes time for Google and others to show your new name. You must also update your Instagram name on other social media like Facebook and Pinterest.

Potential Loss of Followers

When you change, everything in the app updates with your new name. Your old name won’t work, showing “user not found.” This can make people think your account is gone. They might not know it’s you and unfollow you. To avoid this, tell your followers about the change in your posts or Stories. This way, they’ll know it’s still you.

Temporary Username Locking Feature

If your account seems locked after changing names, don’t worry. Instagram does this to stop hackers from taking old usernames. This locking lasts for two weeks. During this time, take time to choose a new name carefully. Your account will be private during that time, but only people you accept can see your content.

Revamping Your Instagram Presence

Instagram isn’t just for sharing great photos and memories anymore. It’s a place to showcase your photography skills. Thanks to smartphones, it’s never been easier to capture and share beautiful images. But sometimes, you might want to refresh your profile and maybe start doing cool Instagram Stories. Luckily, changing your profile name and username is easy. This change can help you start a new chapter on Instagram. Just follow a few steps to make your mark on this top social media platform.

Rebranding Opportunities

Changing your Instagram name can be a smart move for anyone online. It could be a photographer, a small business, or someone dreaming of influencing others. With a new name, you can update your brand to match your goals better. Choosing the right new name can show everyone that you’re starting fresh, focusing differently, or aiming for better content and branding.

Aligning with Personal or Professional Goals

Maybe you’ve changed as a creator or a business owner, and your old username doesn’t fit anymore. Updating your Instagram name is enough to show this growth to those who follow you. This change can make your online self more real and in line with who you are now. It’s a small step that can bring you closer to being true to yourself and your audience.

Your Instagram username shows off who you are on the app. It could be your real name or something cool. If you’ve tied the knot and want to share your new name, Instagram makes it easy to do. You might just want to mix things up. On Instagram, name changes are easy, and pretty much anything goes. You can change it whenever you like and add numbers or symbols too.

Changing your Instagram name is quite similar to changing your username. But you can’t do it so often. Instagram only allows name changes twice every two weeks. If you’re looking into updating your Instagram profile name, modifying your Instagram account name, or revising your Instagram identity, it’s all simple. Customize your handle or modify your profile with ease. This helps you align with whatever image you want to portray.

The key is to think about changing your name carefully. It should make your Instagram page better. You can edit your Instagram display name, update your Instagram profile name, and modify your Instagram name whenever you need. This lets you confidently rename your Instagram account and alter your Instagram handle. It’s all about crafting your digital identity.


Can I change my Instagram username?

Yes, you can change your Instagram username. Just go to your profile settings and edit the username field.

How often can I change my Instagram name?

You can change your display name on Instagram twice in two weeks. But, you can change your username as many times as you like.

What happens if I change my Instagram username?

Changing your Instagram username breaks any links or tags with your old name. Your followers will see your new name. For a while, your updates might not show up in searches until search engines update your profile’s new URL.

Can I use special characters in my Instagram name?

Yes, you’re free to add special characters, numbers, and emojis to your Instagram name. This lets you add a personal and creative touch.

What should I consider before changing my Instagram name?

Think about how a name change may affect your followers and visibility. It’s smart to tell your followers before you change your name. This helps avoid any confusion or loss of followers.

How can I rebrand my Instagram presence?

Changing your Instagram name can refresh your account. It can help you align with new goals. Also, it might attract a different audience or present a new image.

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